Stop physician burnout.  You simply cannot be expected to do it all – and remain fulfilled and happy being a physician. 

Increase your efficiency.

See more patients, and FOCUS on those patients. 

Eliminate self-documentation.  Is this really the best use of your time, knowledge, and talent? 

Almost 100% accuracy, with an All-American Medical Transcription Team.   We know the language.


DocuScript’s medical transcription team is made up of the finest “ears” in the medical documentation industry.  We undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure your chart notes are perfect the first time.  Let us create for you an organized, accurate, and billable note – so you can PRACTICE MEDICINE AGAIN. 


  • Medent Affiliate.  DocuScript was the first Community Computers (Medent) affiliate, since 2008.  DocuScript continues to be a premium Medent medical transcription and chart maintenance service. 
  • DocuScript is considered an expert medical record maintenance service, capable of transcribing voice notes dictated into the Medent patient record,  or dictated on a separate digital handheld outside the patient record, and DocuScript completes the text within your EMR for either progress notes or letters, and completes via fax (upon request), closing the note for availability on patient followup visit. 
  • MEDSCRIBE is our own proprietary dictation app, available from Android Play or Apple Play. Dictate using our app, and we can transcribe directly into Medent.  Whatever vehicle provides the voice, the Medent notes will be organized, thorough, correct, and ready for billing.
  • DocuScript transcribes within EClinicalWorks, Express Scribe, ChartScript, BayScribe, Command Health, Centriq, and Simple Practice – to name a few.  Whatever your EMR, we can transcribe into your patient record. 


  • For practices using a physical record, we can transcribe your patient documentation into any requested format, and provide you access via our secure and HIPAA-compliant server. 
  • Simply download your voice files to DocuScript’s HIPAA-compliant server – and your notes will be transcribed and available back on the server for you to download and file in the patient chart. 
  • All reports are named and formatted to each office’s or hospital’s requirements for convenient and accurate migration into your office’s system. 


  • At DocuScript, we are willing to undergo a tutorial to learn the inner workings of any EMR – hybrid or brand new.  If you have an EMR – we are willing to learn your system and begin your transcription directly populating in the patient’s chart.  As many of the EMR features are similar, a quick overview will get us up and operational. 


DocuScript prides itself on our transcription team’s multi-specialty skill.  We cross-train each provider and office, establishing redundancy in the event of an illness, vacation, or family emergency.  We invest heavily in our I.T. infrastructure, transcription training, and doctor support services.   

Our flexibility, responsiveness, and commitment to superior customer service are demonstrated daily at all levels, providing each doctor or clinician with personalized service.


We understand in the medical profession efficiency is key.  Your rate will depend on your turnaround, and you have that flexibility with DocuScript.  Our transcription team works around the clock, depending on each provider and the transcriptionist schedule, and those needs are matched and choreographed daily at our busy headquarters.  Our providers receive their reports and letters in the fastest possible timeframe for patient care and followup.  

Stats?  If occasional, we offer 15 minutes at no extra charge. 

Turnaround Time 4 to 48 hours.

We offer stat and critical care turnaround times as low as one hour.  Standard turnaround with standard pricing to 48 hours.  We can find a turnaround solution that fits your needs for both patient care and patient followup as well as cost savings for your busy practice. 


HIPAA compliance is a TOP PRIORITY.  Patient confidentiality and server protection is taken very seriously at DocuScript.  We are fully insured with a strong cyber policy, and an ACORD form will be provided before commencing your transcription.

Secured end-to-end data transmission with up-to-date security certificates using SFTP with 128-bit encryption over SSL.  For obvious security reasons, we will not publish specific security details here – but know we take security VERY SERIOUSLY to ensure that we not only meet – but EXCEED all HIPAA regulations relating to Electronic Transmission of Patient Information. 

We own our own secure medical servers with full-level security.  DocuScript employs a full-time Systems Administrator and cyber security expert, formerly working for Microsoft and the banking industry.  We have implemented our processes as straightforward as possible by managing security measures at server level for simple but secure connectivity while maintaining patient protection, confidentiality — allowing peace of mind for our busy clients.  



Over the past three decades in the medical transcription industry, we have cultivated and secured a reputation for dependability and consistency for our discerning customers.  We have a commitment to our clients that we will never offshore our voice or text. 

Our discriminating customers depend on accuracy, and the value and quality of our finished product.  Transcription performed offshore will result in the many extra hidden costs of proofreading and editing at their office as an extra hidden but real expense.  In effect – costing them even more time and money. 

Kelly Brent and DocuScript have been providing medical transcription services since 1984.  DocuScript’s impeccable reputation, determination, and longevity continues with ambitious expansion plans for yet another decade of success to medical facilities across North America.  

TRANSCRIPTION SPECIALTIES – and statements of work.

• Allergy and Immunology

• Anesthesiology

• Bariatric Surgery

• Cancer Surgery

• Cardiology

• Colorectal Surgery

•Critical Care Medicine

• Dentistry/Oral Surgery

• Dermatology

• Emergency Medicine

• Endocrinology

• Gastroenterology

• Geriatric Medicine

• Gynecology

• Hematology/Oncology

• Infectious Disease

• Internal Medicine

• Maternal and Fetal Medicine

• Nephrology

• Neurology

• Ophthalmology

• Oral and Maxillary Surgery

• Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery 

• Otolaryngology

• Pain Management

• Pathology

• Pediatrics

• Plastic Surgery

• Podiatry

• Psychiatry

• Pulmonology

• Radiology

• Radiation Oncology

• Reconstructive Surgery

• Rheumatology

• Sleep Medicine

• Spine Surgery 

Sports Medicine

• Vascular Surgery

• Urology 


100% of the transcription performed for our clients is done right here in the United States.  We do not offshore any voice or text for transcription.  No exceptions.  At DocuScript we believe medical transcription should be accurate – the first time.  Client satisfaction and convenience can only be guaranteed by American medical language specialists. 

Doctors and medical facilities throughout North America choose DocuScript for many reasons.  Owner and operator, Kelly Brent, has over 30 years of experience as a leader in the medical transcription industry, an adjunct Medical Transcription Instructor, and as the owner of DocuScript.  She hires, trains, and supports an elite team of medical language specialists, and our headquarters employs some of the best “ears” in the business.  Her attention to even the smallest detail is rewarded in client satisfaction and a growing and dynamic medical transcription service. 

We customize your service to meet your specific needs and budget.

We will provide a free consultation to discuss the needs of your practice – to include the dictation style of your providers, options for dial-in or hand-held dictation, EMR/EHR integration, formats, templates, faxing options, and all manner of medical transcription and chart maintenance. You will save money on expensive office hardware and software, work space, and have a fully integrated and seamless turnaround of voice-to-text by using our all-American medical transcription service. 

Quality Assurance and Attention to Detail.

Our clients are loyal customers, many have been clients for over a decade, and a select few for over twenty years (references provided upon request).  Our clients enjoy our superior customer service and extreme attention to detail.  Owned and operated by Kelly Brent, a former Medical Transcription Adjunct Instructor at Central Pennsylvania College, Kelly maintains the highest quality standards and guidelines based on the American Association of Medical Transcription certification standards.  We offer world-class support with expedient resolution when unexpected issues arise. 


Our personal service means we provide for hundreds of providers – and we know each provider often has their own individual requirements; templates, abbreviations, formatting, shortcuts, etc. 

We treat each provider individually and provide personal service for practices large and small. 


DocuScript provides medical transcription services to many urgent care facilities, 24-hour walk-in clinics, as well as 24/7 radiology and mobile radiology facilities.  We offer around-the-clock availability for dictation and transcription.  24/7/365 – As long as patients are being treated, DocuScript is available to transcribe, store, fax, and communicate their information on behalf of your doctors and providers. 


DocuScript’s same day turnaround provides our hospitals and hospital-affiliated practices rapid turnaround so your patient reports are available to expedite and serve the provider for enhanced patient care.

DocuScript has tailored its services to provide Doctors all the benefits of new developments in digital dictation.

We provide THREE dictation options.

  • MedScribe app, OUR OWN PROPRIETARY recording app. Free download on Apple Play or Google Play.  Call us for a User Name and Password, and you’re dictating in five minutes!
  • Dial-In Dictation: Dial-in Dictation via toll-free dictation system, using Scribe or Command Health.  Dial-in Dictation instructions, User ID’s, and service provided free to all DocuScript clients – simply control with any touch-tone telephone including any mobile device.
  • Digital Handheld Voice Recorder: Digital handheld voice recorders have revolutionized efficiency in Medical Transcription! 
We recommend the Olympus, Sony, or a broad range of recorders; however, we can play most brands. 
DSS, DS2, MP3, WAV – all file types are compatible with DocuScript equipment and software. 
If using a digital handheld voice recorder, whenever it is convenient for you, simply dock your handheld recorder into your PC via USB port provided with your recorder, and upload your audio files to our server.  This can be done from any PC with an internet connection. IT’S THAT EASY!  Our friendly customer service specialists can provide a simple tutorial and telephone support.  This can be uploaded by the provider or a trusted staff member.   IT IS VERY USER FRIENDLY.


Once the dictation has been uploaded and received by DocuScript, it is time stamped and ready for the transcription process. 
  • Our transcription team is specialized for each provider.  This ensures the highest quality through familiarization of work schedule, language, templates, style, etc. 
  • Each transcriptionist transcribes each report or letter.  They are saved and processed per specific client instruction. 
  • We can transcribe directly into your Electronic Medical Record – or Word/PDF documents per your specific instructions.
  • If an EMR/EHR fax module is available in your electronic medical record – we offer free faxing service included in your completion process. 
  • Patient record is then signed off for your immediate viewing and use. 


  • 30 Years of Medical Transcription Experience by Former Adjunct Medical Transcription Instructor.
  • Secure HIPAA Medical Transcription Service.
  • 24-Hour Medical Transcription Support and Availability via Dial-In, EMR, or FTP.
  • Hundreds of Providers Trust DocuScript for their Medical Records Transcription and Management.
  • Transcribing for Hospitals, Single Provider Practices, Clinics, Urgent Clinics, and Large Specialty and Multi-Specialty Groups. 
  • 4 to 48 Hour Medical Transcription Turnaround (standard).  We are built for speed without compromising quality. 
  • Toll-Free 1-800 Telephone Dictation – User Setup and ID Provided at No Cost.
  • Digital Recorder, Flexible Dictation – Sent to DocuScript at your convenience.
  • Low-Cost Medical Transcription for a 65-Character Line Rate – or lines using your EMR/EHR Transcription Tracker.
  • Template Flexibility Available.
  • Strictest QUALITY ASSURANCE STANDARDS – Based on American Association of Medical Transcription Certification standards.
  • No Hidden Fees or Unnecessary Service Charges.
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