Law Enforcement


To protect and defend.

Bodycam evidence has become a crucial tool used in Law Enforcement today.  We have specialized equipment which can play the video with the audio, and we can transcribe all audible language used in any type of encounter. 

When your case depends on perfect documentation – DocuScript delivers. 

Preserve case evidence with DocuScript Transcription Services.  Record the details during and immediately after any encounter, while those details are fresh on your mind.

Law Enforcement reports, written after the event to encapsulate the people, places, things, the who, what, why, when, where, and how of each situation, are essential to make your case.  Each word, each detail, verbatim audio must be transcribed to perfection.  As a law enforcement professional – the best use of your time is protecting our communities.  Self-documentation is a slow process, which can be weeks to even months behind.  Details can be forgotten, but could be something critical for a day in court. 

Save your department time and money, expect accuracy and a thorough documentation of an event – which protects you and your department.  A few brief notes, record the audio of each encounter, and you have a thorough and written record for our criminal justice system’s files. 

Audio must be securely archived and returned to your department as case evidence.  To have an effective testimony, being thoroughly prepared with accurate transcripts can make or break your case. 


  • Bodycam audio and video
  • Coroner reports
  • Family Protective Services encounters 
  • Cell phone audio
  • Interrogation recordings
  • Cell phone video

DocuScript’s Legal Transcription Department can transcribe the following types of audio into comprehensive and accurate text:

  • Wiretap audio to text
  • Criminal encounters
  • Depositions
  • Family Law
  • Court tapes
  • Administrative hearings
  • Judicial hearings
  • Court hearings
  • Public hearings
  • Court hearings
  • Public hearings
  • Township meetings
  • Arbitration hearings
  • Conferences
  • Teleconferences
  • Video conferences
  • Interrogations
  • Trials and hearings
  • Bodycam encounters

Call and register today!  We will create your own secure server portal with access site, provide you with a user name and password, and you will be ready to upload your transcription in a location unique to you, the user.  We will provide your desired format, or allow our experts to create your documentation using professional best practices and layouts.  Try our easy three-step-process.  Our outstanding Information Technology Department will secure your connectivity, and you can UPLOAD your audio files for transcription.  Upload once a week or 30 times a day.  Your portal has unlimited audio storage.

Just record and upload.  Affordable rates!  Rapid turnaround.

·  99% accuracy guarantee on high-quality audio files. Errors with DocuScript are negligible – a very rare occurrence.


·  Affordable rates.


·  You simply record then upload.


·   Legal Profession Transcription Focus

Knowing Latin phrases and case names is essential to the Legal Arts Language.  You must be selective if you want this important legal document accurate the first time.  Do not waste your time, money, or your case using just any service.  Make sure that your transcription is performed in the United States, and is not going to a U.S. Based company which offshores the audio.  At DocuScript, the audio you send to us is performed 100% in the United States.  Our digital server is housed in the United States, in a physically locked location, with *** encryption and information technology maintenance and support 24/7/365. 

Specialized legal transcriptionists will ensure accurate, verbatim (client choice), and high-quality documentation with your turnaround as necessary.  Need it now?  Call us, we begin your audio immediately and work through completion.
We work with most types of media – audio and video.
We can provide a court appearance certified transcript, certified by your transcriptionist. 
Call today to expedite your documentation, and know your transcripts will be turned around rapidly with full accuracy, guaranteed.  Any corrections necessary are free.  We are that confident!
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